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About Fat Cat Rods

Located deep in the hills of Northwest Georgia, Steve Weber started a small, efficient chassis fabrication operation out of his own home garage. The foundation of Fat Cat Rods can be traced back to custom chassis fabrication. Using a custom k-member and American Stamping Rails, these chassis’ were built from the ground up. Once the quality of Fat Cat Rods chassis was realized and popularity began to rise, Steve decided to take his "on the side project" to the next level. Fat Cat Rods was established in November of 2006. Since their establishment in 2006, Fat Cat Rods unmatched quality and passion for classic, hot rod automobiles has driven their success to the mainstream in classic automobile manufacturing. With the help of top quality products from distributors, custom work done in house and custom chassis’ Fat Cat Rods has been able to distribute not only custom chassis’, but also rollers and fully drivable and functional automobiles. Fat Cat Rods offers 1932, 1933, 1937, & 1940 Fords, in any stage of production and almost any body style. All models are available as rollers, painted rollers, turnkeys, or basically any point of production that the customer request. It is the ultimate goal of Fat Cat Rods to consistently produce top quality, custom hot rods to not only meet the highest standards of the customer, but their own as well.

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