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From Start to Finish
          Sometimes we are asked what all goes into building one of our turnkey hot rods.  It's hard to explain to a customer what all truly goes into the production of these cars.  We have no assembly line, or machines that do our work for us.  We use the skills we have gained over 100 years of combined experience to assemble these handmade, classic cars.  Whether you are an avid mechanic or a casual wrench turner, building one of these hot rods is no ordinary undertaking.  More than elbow grease is involved, it is an art, but  after months of painstaking, detailed work, a finished product will finally show its face.  Here is a slideshow of one of our most recent builds.  Thank you to J.O. for letting us use his car!  If you have any questions concerning the build, or any questions at all please feel free to call Steve at 706-260-7699.