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Products and Pricing

          All chassis listed (except perimiter) come with disc brakes (front & rear), 9'' rear housing, new hi-performance axles, motor mounts, transmission mounts, chrome coil overs, your choice of front end, master cylinder and booster mounts, etc....  All chassis listed are in rolling form.  All prices are subject to change..         

CHASSIS                              1932 FORD                        1933 FORD                               37-40 FORD

Plain IFS                                                                                                  

Chrome IFS                                                                                              

IFS rear steer                                                                                         

Chrome IFS rear steer                                                                     

Hub2hub Chrome IFS                                                                             

​Straight Axle                                                                                        

Chrome Straight Axle                                          

Hub2Hub Chrome                                                


Custom chassis just for you and your specifications!!!

Fiberglass Bodies

          We offer several different fiberglass bodies to fit any budget.  Prices listed are the starting/base prices.  All bodies contain wood reinforcement, installed doors hinged with saftey latches, trunk lid hung, all steel reinforcement installed and attached to wood reinforcement, window tracks, and power windows with door glass installed.  Fender packages are an additional charge just call for pricing!  Prices are subject to change

FIBERGLASS BODIES      1932 FORD                       1933 FORD                               37-40 FORD

Roadster                                  CALL                                  CALL                                        CALL

3 Window Coupe                     CALL                                  CALL                                        CALL

5 Window Coupe                     CALL                                  CALL                                        CALL

Vicky                                        CALL                                  CALL                                        CALL