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Rolling Packages
          Do you want to add your own personal touch to the hot rod of your dreams but just need some help getting started?  If that's the case our roller packages are the perfect starting point to your hot rod.  Please call for pricing involving painting, body work, and interior work.  The 1937-1940 Ford Roller packages include the fender package but the fenders do not come installed.  Included on all rollers is a custom Fat Cat Rods Chassis with your choice of front end, steering box mount, 4 wheel disc brakes, tri-angulated 4 bar, 9'' rear housing, new hi-performance axles, custom k-member, motor and trans mounts, body fitted and mounted with steel reinforcement and more.  Click on description to see a picture.  

Starting at $14,900.00

Starting at $15,900.00
Starting at $16,900.00

Call for Pricing 706-260-7699
Call for Pricing 706-260-7699
Turnkey Hot Rods
          At Fat Cat Rods not only do we offer chassis, bodies, and rollers but we also offer a completely built and fully running turnkey hot rods.  This option is perfect for the hot rod enthusiast who does not have the time to assemble a fully running hot rod on their own time.  Our turnkey hot rods are built to the customers EXACT specifications.  From full paint and body work to lighting and wiring we take every every step possible to ensure our customers receive the exact hot rod envisioned in their dreams.  Pricing is variable for each custom hot rod so please give us a call for pricing details.  Here are a few pictures of our most recent turnkey hot rods.
Call for Pricing 706-260-7699